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What Can I Have ?

What Can I Have ?


  BFS can save you time & a lot of money


Work out how much time your people currently spend manually filling batteries. In some workplaces it can be equal to a full time job!)

Now work out how many man hours you could save if the job was done around 10 times faster.

Over a year you could end up cutting thousands from your labour costs - for an outlay of as little as $500.

Please click here to view the Cost Justification Table.

  BFS increaces productivity


The BFS Watering System greatly reduces the time spent filling batteries.

And because it fills accurately every time, it will help to extend battery life.

Importantly, the BFS system is much safer than other watering methods.

A patented double chamber keeps water and gas movements separate. This created a unique 'hydrogen block' which stops potentially dangerous gas escaping back into the tubing of the system.



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