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What Can I Have ?


10 reasons why the BFS Watering System is superior

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  The system lets you fill batteries around 10 times faster than manually filling
  It allows you to cut man hour costs - by thousands of dollars every year
  It includes a patented ‘hydrogen block’ feature which keeps water and hydrogen movements separate for superior safety
  There’s a unique visual eye on every plug which allows electrolyte levels to be checked at a glance without removing plugs or adding water
  Our clever lever action in each plug completely eliminates overfilling as no additional water is required to know the cell is correctly filled
  The BFS Watering system operates at higher water pressure than other systems - connecting directly to town water using our unique delivery gun for added convenience
  Various floats are available to suit different battery types ensuring optimal operation
  There are no injectors or sponge-like valves to clog and so no possibility of ever overwatering -
a problem with other systems
  Exiting gasses are forced though a ‘drying chamber’ resulting in less electrolyte escaping and less frequent watering intervals
  You have a choice:
- delivery gun, gravity feed
- electronically controlled filling


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